Netgear Routers Support

Netgear Routers are one of the best-selling Routers for home and home office. It serves as a network broadcaster and gives wired and wireless signals to various devices for connectivity.

With the new technology in place there are issues that come up with it a lot of times and we have the right knowledge and training in place to take care of such issues. Our immensely experienced technicians are able to diagnose the root cause of such issues and take care of such issues over the phone in minutes.

Our support includes issues such as:

  • Making a new wired and wireless network connections.
  • Recovering wireless passwords.
  • Resolving slow wireless connection issues.
  • Increasing range of a Router.
  • Fixing intermittent connectivity issues.
  • Installing updating Router drivers and software.
  • Changing / Creating guest account for wireless connection.
  • Software support for any device connected to the same network.
  • Connecting I pads, Tablets, Laptops, i- Phones and Android phones to wireless.

Call Support 1-800-438-9670

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